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The Vision

When you walk up to the Torah Scroll - Do you know where you are?

You may experience anxiety, perhaps a bit of terror, amid the sea of letters and words, and you have to depend on someone else to tell you which Parsha the Scroll is currently rolled to, and to then help you locate your specific reading.

This website, along with the "Torah Scroll Column Reference Guide" creates another touch-point betweeen you and the Torah Scroll, transforming apprehensions to confidence. The "Where am I" section provides the essential tools to quickly identify the contents of your current Torah Scorll Column (Sefer, Parsha, Aliyah).

The "Where is My Parsha" section provides you with the basic information needed to find the Torah Scroll Column containing your reading.

If you can find simple nouns in a Hebrew dictionary, then you already have the skills to successfuly use the Reference Guide and enhance your enjoyment of reading from the Torah.

Even native Hebrew speakers can benefit!

When you walk up to the Torah Scroll - You can know where you are!

The "Torah Scroll Column Reference Guide" introduces a unique method that allows any reader, from very experienced Lainers to Bar/Bat Mitzvah students, the ability to quickly identify where the Torah Scroll is currently rolled.

By simply reading the first few words found on the first line of the current column and using the "Where am I?" section, beautiful color highlighting draws your eyes to information for the current Column. The "Where is my Parsha?" section contains location information for each Aliyah.

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